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visual communications in pixels + print

We always start with blank sheet of paper.

(and no preconceptions.)

A no nonsense approach to graphic design

We are passionate about what we do. With 25 years of challenges under our belts, we feel we can tackle just about anything a client can throw at us. We’ve spent a lifetime solving problems and supporting our clients in any way possible. We have also mastered a lot of different skills along the way, so you always know you’re in a safe pair of hands.

We are not cheap, but what we are is cost effective. Our experience allows us to give you accurate costs, based on real experience, and couple this with a level of speed and efficiency second to none, means that we can carry our projects much more efficiently that our competitors, because we are experts at what we do.

First of all, we spend some time getting to know you, your likes and dislikes, and what you are expecting as the final out come. We then go away and research your market, find out about your competitors and analyse how they approach a similar marketplace.

From there, we would put forward a selection of proposals, and start the conversation in earnest.

From initial brief to final artwork we will always keep you informed. There’s nothing worse than ‘not knowing’, so rest assured, with us, you’ll never feel that way. From Gantt charts for timelines, through to meeting every deadline, we have prided ourselves on a professional and timely approach to everything we do. All our costs are based on the whole project. We don’t work on an hourly rate, we give you a total cost, from start to finish.

We love building up relationships with our clients. That way its a win-win situation for both sides. We learn about you and your preferences, so that we can give you options and ideas tailor-made for you, and we get a nice steady client to support over the long term. Since day one (13th January 1998 to be precise) we have built up symbiotic relationships with many clients, some of whom are still with us after all those 25 years!

Our Mission

Everything we create is unique.

We don’t have a house style, and we don’t recycle artwork. We believe that every problem we solve should be specific and therefore every solution we propose is bespoke.

Some of our more well known clients

Zero Design Client Company Logos

Looking for graphic design in Edinburgh or Hampshire? Look no further.

Companies are becoming virtual at a rate of knots.

Why pay for fancy desks and designer offices, when you can get the same, or an even better service, from designers who are chilled and happy where (and when) they work.

With the use of video conferencing, VPN and UPS back-up, we can work  securely and safely anywhere in the world – even if our hearts are still in Edinburgh.